Open Top Tanks with Tandem Diffusers

Our Open Top Tanks work to separate the water sand and oil when flowing back after frac operations. These tanks are OSHA certified and proven to be extremely safe to use on the field, with safer flowbacks and green completions. Test out our Open Top Tanks in your operations and we are certain you will not let it go.

Steam Units

Our Steam Units are the industry standard. These dry/wet steam combo units get the job done right, with enormous cost savings by cutting down on frac down times. Prevent your lines and equipment from freezing up ever again with our field-proven Steam Units. Your profit margins will thank you.

Drive Over Pipe Ramps

Everything moves quickly on the oil field, and the last thing you need to worry about is damage caused to your lines by moving equipment and trucks on your location. Our Drive Over Pipe Ramps are durable and will keep your lines protected for maneuverability on location. They're perfect for the job, no matter what job you need them for.

Rig/Equipment Cleaning Services

The cleaner your rigs are, the safer and more efficiently that they work. We take the extra steps needed to make sure that your equipment is as clean or cleaner than you need it to be in order to operate correctly. Let us go to work on cleaning your operations and you will notice the difference, we guarantee.

Interior Tank Cleaning

Zero Entry Available

By eliminating the need for manual entry to clean tanks, turn around on completely cleaned tanks is faster than ever, while maintaining a safer, healthier working environment. We have the crew and the equipment needed to clean out even the toughest messes with little to no downtime. We do the job right.

Light Towers & Generators

A 30-foot adjustable tower rotates 360 degrees for optimum lighting flexibility. Quiet operation, the quietest in its class with sound levels as low as 67 dB(A) at 23 feet, offers maximum versatility for almost any applications. Large fuel tank allows for continuous lighting/run time. Four-point jack stands provide for easy leveling, stability on uneven terrain and superior wind stability.

Frac Screen Out Support

Add efficiency and cost savings to your frac operations! Frac Screen out packages include an open top tank, with 500bbl capacity & tandem diffusers, two-hundred feet of two inch 1502 iron, a 5-valve manifold and chokes, the associated fittings, flanges, valves and line restraint. The manifold and pipe racks are mounted on a skid, which sits conveniently on the top of the open top tank during transport, making for only one load to the well site. Screen out packages can be rented by themselves or supplied with a man per shift as well. Three inch iron and 9-valve manifold available upon request.