Production Testing & Flowback Services

Completions, work overs, proving existing wells production and H2S wells, NewKota has the expertise to tackle any situation you have. NewKota's management has over 60 years in Production Testing / Flowback experience combined. Experienced staff operate the equipment safely and in accordance with SOP's and training programs. Environmental accountability is always considered in every job we take on. All equipment is regularity maintenance and inspected.

Frac Screen Out Support

Newkota screen-out pages are available for rent or as a turnkey service complete with our trained operator. Packages feature an open top tank with 500bbl capacity and all that is required to optimally and safely perform. For convenience, a five-valve manifold and 200ft of 1502 iron piping are skid-mounted and integrally delivered with the tank.

General Cleaning

Professionally restore the cleanliness of your equipment, production area, compressor stations, trucks, wellheads, pump jacks and more. We have large crews available at a moments's notice to quickly get the job done right, with fully coordinated truck support to be the least intrusive to your workflow.

Rig Cleaning

Our overnight rig cleaning services prevent disruptions and slow-downs to your workflow. You can reliably resume operations the next morning with an incomparably clean start. It is the ideal way to prepare for your rig inspections and preventative maintenance.

Steam Heating

Keep your winter operations flowing profitably with our professional steam heating services. Our crews are available at a moment's notice to thaw your equipment and minimize your downtime. Protect your operations against thousands of dollars in cumulative downtime costs with economical deicing and heating service agreements.

Steel Tank Inspection Services

STI SP-001 inspectors mitigate liability, keep you up to date on EPA standards for inspection and spill prevention and provide full inspection reports for each tank you have. Can be paired with NewKota's tank maintenance / tank cleaning service for a regularly scheduled program.

Tank Cleaning

Our tank cleaning services are available at a moment's notice. We will efficiently clean all of your tanks in short order, while managing all related truck support to be the least intrusive to your site. Count on us to help you avoid unnecessary extended tank lease costs by returning your tanks clean and on time.

Wellhead Greasing

NewKota offers wellhead valve greasing service. We work with your valve suppliers for proper greasing procedures to ensure the service is performed correctly, safely and with no disruption to customers. We offer greasing before or after a workover or completion, in between stages during a frac or just for your monthly maintenance program. Any valve, any size. All units are fully portable and can service multiple sites in a day