Steam Heating

Fast, Safe, cost-saving

Keep your winter operations flowing profitably with our professional steam heating services.   Our crews are available at a moment's notice to thaw your equipment and minimize your downtime.  Protect your operations against thousands of dollars in cumulative downtime costs with economical deicing and heating service agreements.  

  • Save an operator 2300+ hours of winter downtime per steam unit
  • Prevent the use of torches and other hazardous methods
  • Avoid costly downtime with an ecomnomical service agreement
  • 100% dry steam unites eliminate moisture buildup and mud
  • Thaw frozen equiptment in minutes not hours
  • OSHA compliant professional steam heating. 

Service you can trust


Newkota has earned a solid reputation for providing innovative, safe, and efficient equipment rentals and services to the oil field industry.  We take extreme pride and ownership in every project. 




  • Two 200-foot steam lines for multiple operations.
  • 400 feet of steam line total to get to any area of your location.
  • Units are mobile as well.
  • 1,200 gallon tanks on each unit.
  • Pumps and hose to fill tanks from any point on location.
  • Intrinsically safe “Rough Neck” heater that runs off our steam.
    Place the heater anywhere to keep everything running very warm. (Chem Van, Wellhead, Pop off and transducer, etc.)
  • Wrap frac iron, any pipe/lines with our steam lines to prevent freezing.
  • Heat the wellhead and attach steam wand to keep it heated well above 100 degrees.
  • All units also have two wash guns, a degreaser gun and a wet steam wand.
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Frozen Pipes...

No problem for our steam units.

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Quickly Thaw Anything

Even blocks of ice.

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Steam Gun Demo

See a steam gun in action!



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