Frac Screen-Out Package

Newkota screen-out pages are available for rent or as a turnkey service complete with our trained operator. Packages feature an open top tank with 500bbl capacity and all that is required to optimally and safely perform. For convenience, a five-valve manifold and 200ft of 1502 iron piping are skid-mounted and integrally delivered with the tank.

Job Site Combo Unit

Our new job site combination unit is a wheeled skid that is 8' wide x 53' long. Each component is easily changeable if one needs to be changed out. All components are skids that are 8' x 8.5' in size. Each component selected is set in place and secured for travel. One 20kw light tower generator comes standard, and you can mix and match any combination of five components.

Light Towers & Generators

A 30-foot adjustable tower rotates 360 degrees for optimum lighting flexibility. Quiet operation, the quietest in its class with sound levels as low as 67 dB(A) at 23 feet, offers maximum versatility for almost any applications. Large fuel tank allows for continuous lighting/run time. Four-point jack stands provide for easy leveling, stability on uneven terrain and superior wind stability.

Open-Top Tank

Our open-top tanks are manufactured to our specifications to achieve the highest operating efficiency available. Unique three-stage separation using two weirs,tandem8-inch diffusers with4-inch inlets,and500bbl tank capacity assure greater flow rates and superior separation, without spillovers and washouts.

Pipe Ramp Rentals

Keep your site traffic moving and your pipes protected with our rugged drive-over pipe ramps. Choose from our full range of sizes and load capacities. Ideal for lines up to 7.5 inch diameter. All ramps feature clearly marked caution and restriction signs for reduced risk of property damage and personal injury.

Well-Head Frac Stands

Our new wellhead frac stands are height adjustable and can close around a variety of well head sizes. Thewellheadholein the platform is 5’X6.5’ and closes down to a 3’ circle. Stairs lead up to a corner of the platform, and an egress ladder is placed on the oposite corner. Platform handrails are foldable for transportation.